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Who we are

We are a distributed team of skilled engineers based in Latin America, focused on mobile and web development including DevOps. We work for clients in the Americas, mainly the US taking advantage of our time zone proximity and cultural affinity combined with great technical skills and English proficiency.

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What we do

A) Project Outsourcing where we take care of the entire development end-to-end (or a part of it, e.g. Frontend or Backend). B) Staff Augmentation where we assign engineers to work directly with your team. C) Technical Headhunting for high-level positions in case you are in need of those roles in-house. D) Consulting and support.

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How we do it

We have a hands-on approach and work closely with your company to identify the best solutions that meet your needs in order to implement them. We use agile methodologies with various communication channels and the right tools to keep you in the loop, share our progress and collect valuable feedback.


  • Project Outsourcing

    Whether you need to build a mobile or web app from scratch (front & backend + DevOps), implement new features for an existing project or just deliver an MVP in a timely manner, we are up for the challenge.

  • Staff Augmentation

    Add nearshore engineers on-demand (based on your requirements, budget and timeframe), exclusively dedicated to your project, that you can manage directly and plug into your existing workflow.

  • Technical Headhunting

    Need help with talent acquisition for high-end roles (such as technical leaders, full-stack architects and beyond)? We'll offer a unique selection of top-tier candidates for local or remote positions.

  • Consulting

    If you aren't sure what's the right platform for your project, need an evaluation on the existing codebase to identify improvements or are wondering which stack to use, we'll share the right strategies.


We've worked with top brands such as:

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